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Study results
In order for you to succeed in your studies and get the best results / grades, we offer support and assistance to you. We have STT one hour a week where all your teachers are available  and you focus on the topic or area you want to develop with the support of the teachers. We have a dedicated student health team with school welfare officer, school nurse, student counsellors, special educators and special teacher s who are prepared to support and guide you in your studies. However, the responsability lies with you toget in touch, listen to the teacher, show consideration for your classmates, bring the right material and keep track of what is going to be done in the different courses. If, for some reason, you do not pass (E) for several courses, you might be held back a year. 
Absence / Leave
At  upper secondary school, compulsory attendance is required and in order to succeed in your  studies, attendance at school is necessary. Students may not be absent from classes without registration or leave.
Leave is given for a maximum of 3 days per academic year and should always be granted by the school.

CSN,  The Student National Board of Student Aid, determines if a student is entitled to a student grant or not. If a student has  invalid absence for  four (4) hours over a 30-day period and the absence has occurred repeatedly, the student grant will be questioned. CSN handles and passes judgement on cases where students grant are being questioned.


Notification of illness
In case of illness the student or his/her legal guardian should  call 0515-777026 using a voice dialer.
Automatic absence notification over the phone registers absence for a whole day at a time. If you call after 12.00 o’clock, absence will be registered for the following day. If you will be absent after 12 o’clock, you must notify  the office  or directly to the mentor. If, for some reason, you are unable to register absence via a voice call telephone, the student contacts his mentor.
Student Programme Meetings (EPT)
The headmasters hold student programme meetings  with 1-2 representatives from each class to discuss programspecific  issues. The students who attend are responsible for discussing the questions on the meeting agenda with his/her classmates beforehand in order to prepare for the meeting.
Class council
For each class there is a scheduled class council. The Class Council consists of all students in the class and class mentors. The main task of the class council is to be a forum for student democracy.


Personal computer
At S: t Eskil, each student borrows a laptop and you will be responsible for this during your studies at our school. Computer usage rules are to be found in a separate document and a contract is established between the school and the borrower / guardian.

Joacim Holmström (Jocke) will help you with computer questions from 11.00-13.00 on mondays-thursdays. Jocke has his office in the administrative corridor in the A-building.
If you have problems with your account / password, you can also get help at the library.
You also have a course in Its Learning called "Personal Computer", where you will find tips and other useful information to help you with your computer.


The school is a workplace and all use of computers should be linked to school work. Eating or drinking when using your school computer is strictly forbidden for safety sake. Pornographic, racist or other violent material may not be accessed or stored  on the school's computers. Each internet user  is obliged to inform and  comply with the label rules  applicable to the Internet . Only material where it is clear that spreading is allowed may be copied or distributed . All forms of standard copyright rules must be respected.  System administrators have the right to monitor the school computers  without prior notice to  check the content.
Your safety at St. Eskil
All equipment is labeled with DNA, it is an invisible marking that allows the equipment to be tracked to our school. We have installed surveillance cameras at school that are in use 24 hours a day. The footage will only be accessed in the presence of a police officer or a member of the municipal security staff in order to investigate Because this school  is not a public place we kindly ask any unauthorized individuals to leave,   Please report to a member of staff if you see unauthorized people at school. 
We keep entrance doors locked. Any visitors must report to the administrative officers to be let in.


Plan against discrimination and abusive treatment
All schools must work actively to promote  Equality and fair treatment of students.   Our school is committed to combat abuse such as discrimination and harassment related to gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or disabilities. 

Instructions in the event of fire
If you detect a fire please trigger the fire alarm and call emergency services at 112.
In case of a fire alarm , everyone should leave the building via escape routes and head to Fors Church Park where further instruction will be given.


Located at the school at the entrance of the A and B building and in the D-building.

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